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  • Melissa Trahan

    Melissa Trahan

    VP People @Farewill. Leadership Coach. Formerly @Thread @Facebook @MassiveHealth @PassionCapital. Cat lady. Feminist. She/her.

  • Yuri Prezument

    Yuri Prezument

    Software developer / hacker; Pythonista; Djangonaut; Co-founder of @inboundli

  • ToldYaa!™


    @toldyaa /

  • Roxanne Skelly

    Roxanne Skelly

    Game Builder, Writer, Dancer.

  • Stephen Blum

    Stephen Blum

    @PubNub CTO and Founder.

  • Rachel Baker

    Rachel Baker

    Full of half-baked ideas. Head of Engineering + Data @wirecutter. Building the most trusted and well-read recommendation service for you.

  • Katja Obring

    Katja Obring

    Software QA engineer and vintage knitter

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