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  • Eugen Eşanu

    Eugen Eşanu

    Designer and casual writer. Building Shosho.co

  • Dr. Jeffrey Lin, PhD

    Dr. Jeffrey Lin, PhD

    Product Design Director of AR/VR Experiences @ Facebook. Previous: Magic Leap, Riot Games, Valve Software.

  • Lisa Belanger, PhD

    Lisa Belanger, PhD

    CEO at @consciousworks| Behavior change & #Habit Expert| Speaker| Author| Exercise Physiologist| founder @knightscabin Cancer Retreats| StFX, UofA

  • Tara Hernandez

    Tara Hernandez

    Software engineering manager with a passion for practical inclusion and diversity in the work environment

  • Don Sheu 許家豪

    Don Sheu 許家豪

    New stuff coming soon. Organizing Python+Startups for PyCon Startup Row

  • AC Capehart

    AC Capehart

  • kentquirk


    Software CTO type. It’s been my living for 35 years. If I need it and can’t find it, I build it. I also tinker with electronics, woodworking, and bicycles.

  • Jess Johnson

    Jess Johnson

    Adventurer, Craft Enthusiast, Product Manager. Former Google[x].

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